Forthcoming Events and Booking

You are born with potential, you were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams, You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t . You have wings, learn to use them and fly.

– Rumi


Yoga retreats are normally run twice a year in English countryside or abroad. Retreats are open to all levels of practitioners, but some previous experience of dynamic vinyasa will be beneficial. Typically retreats are held in small group settings (12-14 participants) so booking early is essential.    

Typical three day retreat schedule:  

Day 1 – arrival in the evening in time for settling and dinner with one hour of restorative yoga session;
Day 2 – the day usually includes one full two-three hour dynamic vinyasa yoga session, a morning meditation, an afternoon group yoga session tailored to retreat topic and a restorative yoga nidra in the evening;
Day 3  –  similar to day 2 but without evening session.    


Forthcoming yoga retreats (all retreats were cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19):    

Mill Retreat Center, Normandy, France (7-10 July 2022).    Early bird prices are available if booked by 15th November 2021 (please enquire).     

Please click on below to read details for retreat in 2022. 

I went to Vera’s classes for a number of years and also attended her retreats. She tailored the practice to the needs of the group, I found the practice really helped me to engage with my body and quieten my mind. I always felt that I was benefitting immensely from the classes and retreats and it helped me to  not just cope but also thrive in a stressful environment – both from a physical and mental perspective.

Shalini B

I have attended Vera’s retreats several times and she is an extraordinary teacher, who brings a unique passion and attentiveness to her students.  Her touch and inspiration remains with you for a long time.  She also has an infectious sense of humour and is oodles of fun.
Biffy N

A yoga retreat with Vera is just that – a treat. I loved the early morning sessions and the group was so nice. Vera really understands people and I felt great after just a weekend away.
Clare F

I have been on four of Vera’s yoga retreats and also attended her lessons in the City. I have enjoyed both enormously. The retreats are in interesting places, with small groups which allows for Vera to keep a watchful eye on each person. The weekend practice is well-constructed ending the day with yoga nidra after which everyone goes to sleep! I am looking forward to the next retreat…..

Helen D

Booking & Prices

Yoga Therapy: prices differ by location and length, please enquire. Initial appointment starts at £90 and follow ups at £60-85 (depending on location and duration)
      – Block of six lessons can be bought for the price of five (usable within three months)
      – Yoga Therapy (if booked as part of the yoga retreat) is £50 per one hour session, otherwise standard charges.
      – Pregnancy Yoga support (if booked as part of Doula services) is £50 per one hour session, otherwise standard charges.

Booking is by private appointment only. Please contact me via to agree the time, location and pay for the session to confirm the appointment and complete the health information form (for the first appointment).      

 Yoga Therapy Clinic Timetable:
– The Light Center Belgravia: Fridays (8-14) – suspended formal slots and ad hoc appointments only due to Covid-19, online clinic available
– Private Studio in Earlsfield:  Thursdays (8-14), Fridays (15-18), Saturdays (10-16)   

Yoga Therapy Health Information Form 


Online group classes: if you are interested to attend, please send an email to and I will send you joining instructions. All classes are held via ZOOM platform and the link to the class will be sent to you with confirmation of the place. Prices are done in blocks but drop-ins are around £10 per session.   

Monday (all about women’s health at different stages of their lives):
10.00-11.00Well-woman yoga (Birthlight and Womb yoga-based method): directed at women who wish to do a general yoga practice in a women only class and with a focus on reproductive female health and well-being. Yoga asanas are taught with breath awareness, with the aim of creating suppleness and strength from inside out, stimulating the whole neuro-endocrine system. (This class is taught in block of six weeks, the next opening is in June 2021).
– 11.00-12.00 – Postpartum recovery yoga (Birthlight-based method): the class supports women with yoga practices especially tailored to the needs of the postpartum body to recover after pregnancy and birth and regain postural and hormonal balance.
– 16.00-17.00 – Fertility yoga (Birthlight-based method): for women who are planning to conceive, those undergoing fertility treatments or IVF and also for women who have just conceived (0-14 weeks of pregnancy). Yoga practice is applied to a natural stimulation of ovarian function and to womb ecology, the creation of an optimal womb environment.
– 17.15-18.30 – Pregnancy yoga (Birthlight-based method): friendly and supportive sessions will help you to enjoy more comfort during your pregnancy and connect with your growing baby. They will also assist in preparing for labour and recovery once your baby is born. Suitable for women from 14 weeks of pregnancy.
 – 19.15-20.30 – Restorative yoga (Judith Lasater-based practice): helps to provide that physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety, through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching.
– 19.30-21.00 – Dynamic Vinyasa: flowing movement practice led by linking breath with movement inspired through my studies with Sylviane Gianina, Shiva Rea and Mohini Chatlani
– 10.30-11.45 – IAIMs Baby massage course (next five weeks block starts on 3 September 2021): IAIMs Baby massage course is based on traditional parenting practice in the East, where generations of mothers have offered this nurturing touch to their babies. It provides a loving connection between parent and baby starting early in life, supporting the strengthening of this attachment as baby grows. Whilst the five week course is drawing on Indian and Swedish massage traditions, yoga and reflexology, the focus is to establish and hone the connection between the parent and the baby that will last a life time.
Please note that in line with guidelines for teaching online from IAIM – the numbers on this course are limited and the course will be offered in online format during COVID restrictions only. 

HypnoBirthing and Antenatal preparation courses, MBSR and Partner Pregnancy Yoga classes are all done in 1-2-1 setting at this moment in time and in online format.

Birth Doula Services:
“Luxury” birth package: starts from £2,000 and will include two-three antenatal visits (one specifically focused on preparation for birth with you and your chosen birthing partner as well as detailed postpartum preparation), two postnatal visits, four HypnoBirthing sessions, weekly follow up/catch up calls leading to the birth, attendance of yoga for pregnancy classes and one pregnancy massage.
“Ultimate” birth package: starts from £2,500 and will include all of the above plus postpartum closing ceremony and two private yoga therapy sessions that can be used in pregnancy or postpartum.
– “Bespoke” birth packages that can include additional services, last minute, online and ad-hoc birth support can also be provided depending on your requirements, please enquire. Discount is available on birth packages for my yoga for pregnancy students and repeat bookings.

Please note that during COVID-19 and restrictions imposed by some of the Trusts on the number of birthing partners allowed during the birth, I am able to provide full online doula support via zoom once you are in labour and we will spend more time in preparation for the birth. 

Antenatal support
Birth preparation for couples sessions can be arranged at request, typical cost for a private session starts at £225 (three hour session, can be split into two sessions to deepen the learning); shorter or longer sessions can be arranged.  
Pregnancy massage – starts at £110 (90 minutes session) – tailor made to your requirement based on ayurvedic and Mizan therapy approach to support healthy pregnancy and will also include rebozo massage and relaxation session. (Discount is available on this package for my birth clients as well as block bookings).
HypnoBirthing – private and group settings – £please enquire – typically the one-three hour sessions take place over four weeks to allow assimilation of learning and embedding of the practices. The length of each session will be determined by the level of preparation of the birthing couple. A number of hypnobirthing approaches are explored (Katherine Graves, Sophie Fletcher, Marie Mongan, Maggie Howell and Anastasya Ivanova) as well as mindful birthing techniques (Nancy Bardacke) with greater focus on using the hypnosis/trance state as a way of coping with labour process.
Online birth doula consultation: starts from £65 (per session over skype/facetime/zoom) to cover any questions that you may have both ante and postnatally including (if/when needed) development of specialised yoga programme covering physical postures, personalised affirmation and meditation practices; breastfeeding support; postnatal recovery.   

Postpartum support (final price depends on requirements, length and travel distance):
Postpartum massage  – starts at £110 lasting approximately 90 minutes – can be done at the clinic, my studio or your home – tailor made to your requirement based on ayurvedic and Mizan therapy approach to postnatal recovery. (Discount is available on this package for my birth clients).
Postpartum birth closing ceremony – £180-400 done at your home and can include (depending on the length) room preparation, a ceremonial bath with herbs and essential oils, deep and nourishing sacral-abdominal/full body massage, rebozo massage, the “la cerrada or closing the bones” wrapping ceremony supported by yoga nidra and energy work followed by restoring/cacao drink.   
 – Postpartum consultation – starts at £65 per hour (depending on location) and primarily offered to my existing yoga for pregnancy students or birth doula clients and may include postnatal massage, breastfeeding support, postpartum recovery yoga sessions to name a few.
 – Postpartum Doula Services – starts at £800 and offered to postpartum mothers who live within 2-5 miles radius from SW18. The service is structured around my core skills as yoga therapist for postpartum recovery, breastfeeding counsellor, infant massage instructor and postpartum massage practitioner. Primarily I support in this way women in the first 40 days after birth as I feel this is the time when this support is invaluable and takes place in the first three weeks after birth with visits on reducing scale. I offer discount on this service for my existing birth clients.

Booking Process:
– Send me an email to have the initial meeting (free of charge) where we discuss your requirements and I explain how I can support you.
– Once our connection/engagement is confirmed, please complete the doula information form and pay the non-refundable deposit of £500.
– I will send you the letter of engagement to formally outline the boundaries of the service. 
– Payment plan (up to four weeks prior to being on call) is available on all the packages, please enquire.
Please note that I currently only take one birth client per month so booking early is essential.     

 Doula Services Information Form   


Breastfeeding Consultations – can be done on the phone, zoom or home visits (price depends on location, length and medium but in general the first 15 minutes are free and after that £60 per hour). During consultation we will cover birth history, breastfeeding journey so far, look at the attachment and effectiveness of the feed and then discuss any specific issues with you may have.

The 3 Step Rewind Method is a gentle and safe way of working with mothers and their partners to lift the heavy feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth, post natal or breast feeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma.

The process consists of three meetings where I explain how the process works, we practice guided relaxation that will then be available as a recording, we talk about feelings associated with the trauma. During the second session we will go through the rewind process and during the final session we walk through the future steps.

Charges for the set of 3 sessions is £150 and the sessions take place online. Face-to face session can also be arranged at my studio in Earlsfield.


– final costs vary depending on number of days and location, non-refundable deposit is £150
– deposit to be paid up to three months prior to the start date, after that full retreat costs are due.

Book your place through completion of the information form and confirm your place by paying the deposit.

Please note that retreat bookings are non-refundable if you decide to cancel less than three months before retreat date. Your deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances. However you can transfer your place to another person subject to confimation with the teacher.

Retreat Information Form


Current Children Yoga Classes:
Fridays: 15.30-17 (two age groups, limited to children at Beatrix Potter Primary School only) suspended due to Covid-19

Private children classes by agreement  – small groups and 1-2-1s, current class in the SW18 – £7-10 per class (depending on length and location) for a block of term commitment. I am happy to work with primary and secondary schools to develop appropriate program with school curriculum or after school club settings, please enquire.

Current Group Yoga Classes:
Monday (Yoga for Pregnancy): 19.30-21.00 (book directly with the studio) – The Shala  – suspended due to Covid-19
Wednesday (Dynamic Vinyasa):  18.15-19.45 – near Bank Station, block of 10 classes (£120) or £15 drop in suspended due to Covid-19 
Please see Online Schedule to see what classes are on offer.

Corporate Clients: I work in the following three ways
– with individuals who are supported by their employer as part of their executive development support programmes
– in small groups that are offered through subsidy by firms or organisations
– by developing wellbeing programmes for companies with focus on mindfulness.

The benefits include reduced stress, which can also reduce sickness and unexpected leave, as well as improved effectiveness and focus in the workplace. Please contact me if you will be interested in developing well-being support in your organisation.

Mizan Massage Therapy (both antenatally, postnatally and simply for women) – starts at £120 (90 minutes treatment including consultation and 30 minutes phone/online discussion prior to treatment)
I also offer Auyrvedic massage treatment and rebozo massages – please enquire.

Currently taught as part of yoga therapy sessions. Group and individual classes can be arranged by agreement.

8 week course MBSR courses will start in summer 2021 in online format. Please check the website for further details.

Corporate Clients are engaged through MindfulnessUK@Work Ltd.

Please pay for your lessons, retreats or doula sessions here. All bookings for the lessons are subject to 48 hour cancellation policy. Retreats and doula services are covered by separate T&Cs.

You can pay via credit/debit card or via your PayPal account. You can also make the payment via Direct Bank transfer (details can be supplied separately).   Click Buy Now and then enter the amount to pay: